Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Consider the Neighborhood!

Real estate guru Barbara Corcoran stresses the importance of scoping out a neighborhood as part of a buyer's due diligence in buying a home. That means driving around at different times of the day, and getting out of the car to walk around and talk with residents and local merchants. You may notice things you didn't perceive from the vantage point of your dashboard, such as noise, smells, untidy backyards, or barking dogs, all of which can affect future property values.

Ms. Corcoran offers 9 Smart Tips on How to Handle Nasty Neighbors, and also counsels would-be purchasers to be wary of selecting homes that are near or adjacent to country clubs, intersections with stop signs, empty lots, or halfway houses, all of which can be sources of unwanted traffic, noise, or the kind of unrelenting activity that does not make for a serene environment.